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About informing Dr.Web product users that sites are non-recommended and potentially dangerous prior to their accessing those sites

Doctor Web, Ltd., is a Russian legal entity established and existing in accordance with the Federal Law of 08.02.1998 № 14-FZ "On Limited Liability Companies" and with other laws of the Russian Federation that regulate the activity of economic entities.

The main activity of Doctor Web, Ltd., involves developing and distributing information security software known under the brand name Dr.Web.

Anti-virus computer programs of the Dr.Web family are not required to be used on the territory of any country. Individuals and legal entities who choose Dr.Web anti-virus programs to protect their information resources and computing facilities do so independently, basing their choice on the functionality offered by the computer programs. Individuals and legal entities can familiarise themselves with this functionality by reviewing publicly available documentation or by using the fully functional demo version which is also freely accessible.

All actions undertaken to protect users are performed by Dr.Web program components only on local user computers or on LAN servers; the existence, in particular, of informational messages being displayed only for a specific computer or for specific company network users prior to various Internet websites being accessed, in accordance with a user-selected security policy, is implied.

The display of informational messages before various Internet websites are accessed is a tool that is to be used exclusively at the user's own discretion. Consequently, Doctor Web, Ltd., and Dr.Web computer programs do not restrict (block) access to information, in general, and to Internet websites, in particular.

Each request received from an Internet website owner is always examined by the relevant Doctor Web office to determine (using internal criteria) whether displaying informational messages to users before they access that owner’s particular website is correct and necessary.

If the relevant Doctor Web office discerns that the informational messages being displayed before an Internet website is accessed are being used incorrectly, changes will immediately be introduced to the corresponding Dr.Web anti-virus databases.